In the US, police put a bag on the head of a naked African-American and killed him

African-American Daniel Prude (Daniel Prude) died in the American city of Rochester (new York) after police put a bag on his head and kept him pinned to the asphalt for several minutes. This was reported by the Democrat and Chronicle.

Events with rough detention occurred on March 23, however information about it in mass media appeared only now. It is known that on this day the brother of the deceased called the rescue service because Daniel ran out into the street naked. In addition, a man running around without clothes, who shouted that he had a coronavirus, was also reported by eyewitnesses.

Police officers who arrived at the scene put a special bag on the head of the man, who was suffering from a mental disorder. Pond continued to resist, asking for a gun. After that, the police pinned him to the asphalt and put a knee on his back. Two minutes later, the man stopped showing signs of life.

The man died in hospital a week later, and forensic experts called the cause of death a homicide committed as a result of asphyxia. At the same time, experts also noted that the deceased had an exacerbation of mental disorder and phencyclidine poisoning.

After the story was published in the media, demonstrations began in Rochester near the police Department. It is known that law enforcement officers resort to the use of tear gas.

In the United States, several months of protests have taken place, covering dozens of American cities. Their participants fight against the systematic oppression of black residents of the United States and police brutality. The protests, which periodically turn into pogroms and looting, began after an African-American man, George Floyd, died during an arrest.