Mexican doctors have transplanted the lungs of a patient who suffered a coronavirus

Mexican doctors for the first time in Latin America have transplanted both lungs to a patient who has suffered a coronavirus. This is reported by the newspaper Milenio.

The transplant was performed at the Christus Muguerza hospital in Monterrey, the capital of the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon. Chief physician angel Martinez Vela said the 57-year-old patient should spend two more weeks in the hospital after the operation, as he is connected to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation device.

He also added that a significant part of the work to provide the body with oxygen is already performed by its new lungs, but it is too early to talk about success. Doctors continue to monitor the patient because there is a risk of rejection of new organs.

Earlier it was reported that Mexico decided to join the trials of the Russian coronavirus vaccine. Mexican foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said during a meeting with Russian Ambassador Viktor coronelli that Mexico city expects to receive the drug as soon as possible in order to conduct the third phase of clinical trials. Russia has agreed.