The ku Klux Klan flag appeared in the White house

In the American city of white house (“White house”), Tennessee, the flag of the far-right movement of the ku Klux Klan (KKK) appeared. He was noticed by concerned locals. This is reported by the virtual channel WKRN.

An unknown person hung a flag on one of the sheds in the White house. The landowner, on whose territory the building is located, said that he is outraged by such an act. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he learned about the KKK flag on his shed after a photo of it began to spread on social media. He stressed that he immediately came to remove the flag, but it turned out that it was attached to the wall of the shed with a drill, so he just rolled it up, and later dismantled the structure.

One of the local couples expressed hope that such an act was not directed against them. “I don’t know if we can take anything like this personally, but ironically we’ve never had anything like this happen in this area,” said Bob Bayne, who has lived across the street from the barn for 10 years with his wife, Comfort, who is originally from Nigeria. Bain noted that his wife has experienced terrible things in her home country, and hopes that she will not have to be afraid here.

The ku Klux Klan is a radical far-right organization in the United States, created immediately after the end of the Civil war in 1865. The movement professes nationalism, racism, and later anti-communism, and held Lynch trials of abolitionist activists and black rights advocates.